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New York: Black & White

America, the beautiful

Shot between May and July in Virginia, California, Utah, Arizona and at Niagara Falls.

IMG_4249Shenandoah NationalParkShenandoah

Hwy #1

Es ist schon eine Weile her, dass ich hier irgendetwas geposted habe und da ich jetzt schon wieder fast vier Wochen in Frankfurt bin, dachte ich es wäre mal an der Zeit, ein paar Fotos herauszukramen. Ende Mai ging es in drei Tagen von LA über den Highway #1 hoch nach San Francisco. Definitiv worth to see!


In the City of Angels

The Sunshine State

After more than four weeks of big city life, it was good to finally be in a place that actually felt like holiday: Florida. I really enjoyed the weather, beaches and hanging out with my former host-sister and friend Lia who also took the picture of the Keystone Lake (thank you!)

Pictures were taken within three weeks in Key West, Miami, Tampa, Keystone Lake and Orlando. I also got a few more pictures from my stay in DC which I’m hoping to post in the next few days! :)