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In the City of Angels

The Sunshine State

After more than four weeks of big city life, it was good to finally be in a place that actually felt like holiday: Florida. I really enjoyed the weather, beaches and hanging out with my former host-sister and friend Lia who also took the picture of the Keystone Lake (thank you!)

Pictures were taken within three weeks in Key West, Miami, Tampa, Keystone Lake and Orlando. I also got a few more pictures from my stay in DC which I’m hoping to post in the next few days! :)



After three weeks of sightseeing in New York and Boston, I didn’t get to take that many pictures in the “windy city” but I still got a handful of shots I want to share with you. Hope you enjoy them!



Hey folks, here are some photos I took in Boston three weeks ago. Hope you like them!

IMG_4348 IMG_4361

Welcome to New York