America, the beautiful

Shot between May and July in Virginia, California, Utah, Arizona and at Niagara Falls.

IMG_4249Shenandoah NationalParkShenandoah IMG_1352 IMG_1359 IMG_1372 IMG_1392 IMG_1731 IMG_1754 IMG_1802 IMG_1815 IMG_1828 IMG_1903 IMG_1913 IMG_1918 IMG_1936 IMG_4191 IMG_4230 IMG_5340IMG_6243IMG_6239 IMG_6170 IMG_6174IMG_9233 IMG_6302IMG_5034 IMG_5040IMG_5050IMG_9241IMG_9249IMG_9385 IMG_9386IMG_9224IMG_9246IMG_9359 IMG_9373 IMG_9255 IMG_9275 IMG_9295 IMG_0168 IMG_1654IMG_1651


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